Online Assignments

  • Ok we are gonna do lessons on ICEV if you dont know how to get ont here i will have a link that you can click to lead you there and instructions on how to log on.

    The assignments are as follows:

    Week 1 Coolant systems do the power point and Answer the assesment questions 03-23-2020

    Week 2 Lubrication systems do the power point/ videos and answer the questions  03-30-2020

    Week 3 Air Intake and Battery do the power point/ videos and answer the questions 04-06-2020

    Week 4 System Maintenance do Intake and Exhaust, Lubrication sections and then take assesments 04-20-2020

    Week 5 System Maintenance do Cooling and Powertrain and answer assesments 04-27-2020

    Week 6 System Maintenance do Fuel and Electrical sections and answer assesments 05-04-2020